Passion for the Potato

Discover our new Pommes Macaires Classic - a classic potato speciality in homemade style.

Hash Brown Fries um zwei neue trendige Sorten erweitert
We make a lot
out of potatoes:
only the best!
The Mashed Potatoes are my absolute favourite Schne-frost product. They taste like they’re freshly mashed and I serve them up at home too.
Dirk Bechreiner, Key Account Manager North-East
Tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive, you can tell this for example with the Mini Rösti-Sticks: A traditional grated potato product in an innovative shape!
Dirk Grumm, National Key Account Manager
As a qualified chef from the Südoldenburg region, I appreciate the quality of the Schne-frost potato specialities. I am happy to pass this enthusiasm onto our customers.
Christian Keppler, Key Account Manager North-West