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Rustic Potato Pancake

The new range of frozen RUSTICO potato specialties

Schne-frost Reibekuchen Rustikal for combi steamers and ovens, made from coarsely grated potatoes and fine spices, already impress visually with their rustic handmade look. But what is innovative about them is their preparation! Until now, a frying pan was indispensable. Now, however, the pre-baked Reibekuchen Rustikal can be prepared especially conveniently in a combi-steamer, saving time and labor.

The result: Grated potato cakes, rustic looking and especially crispy and delicious tasting, just like fresh from the frying pan. With this new potato specialty in handmade look, guests feel the original pleasure as from the past. Of course, the new potato pancakes can also be prepared in the pan.

Available from November 2023 in 4 x 1.5 kg bags with a piece weight of approx. 60 g.