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Crispy Pommes Macaires Classic

Schne-frost is adding another variant to its range of frozen potato specialities: the Pommes Macaires Classic. Made from fresh mashed potatoes, the potato biscuits are spicy with turkey bacon, onions and parsley and are ideal as a classic side dish. The special potato novelty inspires with top quality, best taste and in homemade style.

Another variety brings variety to the plate
Macaires potatoes are a speciality of French cuisine. The round potato patties are fried crispy on both sides and served as a side dish with meat, fish and vegetable dishes. With the Pommes Macaires Classic, Schne-frost offers a traditional recipe with an artisan look and, after the existing Pommes Macaires with herbs, provides another delicious variation on the plate.

Authentic taste, easy to prepare
The round potato patties are made of fresh mashed potatoes, spiced up with turkey bacon, onions and parsley. Crispy on the outside and deliciously soft and fluffy on the inside, the Pommes Macaires Classic are the perfect side dish for many dishes. The potato biscuits, which weigh approx. 44 g, are gluten-free and can be prepared in the combi steamer, oven, deep fryer or pan. The potato speciality convinces with its authentic flavour, reliable preparation and long shelf life.