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Schne-frost Gratinis in three innovative versions

The Gratinis from Schne-frost interpret the popular, classic side dish in the form of a flexible size of portion for a modern look. The Gratinis are a great pleasure layer for layer, and are only freshly prepared au-gratin when they are actually used. Three very different versions, from classic to innovative, allow for a wide range of applications in all areas of gastronomy.

The gluten-free Gratinis from Schne-frost have a unit weight of approx. 65 g and can be prepared as required and in different portions. The classic side dish from Schne-frost in miniature format contains fresh potato slices and a creamy sauce made from sour cream, Emmental cheese and fine spices. The frozen Gratinis are sprinkled with spicy Gouda, which gives them a hearty cheese crust during their preparation. The Schne-frost Gratinis can be prepared in a combi-steamer or in the oven (top/bottom heat or circulating air).

The Classic Gratinis from Schne-frost are all-rounders that accompany every meat and fish dish as a creamy potato side dish. The Classic Gratinis are also a good vegetarian alternative for a main dish, served with seasonal vegetables or a fresh salad. The Mediterranean Gratinis from Schne-frost are a hearty variant that bring the flavours of the South onto your plate. Here, Schne-frost has refined the classic recipe with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil. The Mediterranean Gratin enjoyment goes especially well with all fish dishes and white meat, such as tender veal escalopes.

With their innovative recipe, the Gratinis Plus from Schne-frost are certain to inspire and surprise even discerning diners in the area of upscale gastronomy. Green asparagus, white chocolate and pumpkin seeds refine the classic recipe. In particular, the fine sweetness of the white chocolate provides a completely new Gratin experience which accompanies game dishes creatively. The Gratinis Plus from Schne-frost are also a modern and creative companion for pan-fried meat, such as fine fillets.


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