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Sweet Potatoe Mash from Schne-frost for a modern cuisine

Nowadays sweet potatoes are a regular feature in catering trade and many customers are actively asking for an alternative to classic potatoes. Therefore, Schne-frost expands its range of favourite tubers and from now on we are offering Sweet Potato Mash in addition to our successful Sweet Potato Gnocchi and the trendy Sweet Potato Churros.

Sweet Potatoes in Schne-frost's Gourmet range

Schne-frost offers caterers the opportunity to serve trendy sweet potatoes (botanic name "Ipomea batatas") in no time as creamy Sweet Potato Mash with palatable bites. The traditionally made frozen product has a sweet potato content of 64 %, a fine buttery taste and is finely seasoned. Schne-frost's Sweet Potato Mash is easy to portion and the chef can control the value via an individual addition of various liquids like water, milk or cream. Preparation is possible in microwave (7 minutes at 900 watt), steamer oven (10 – 15 minutes at 120° C) and in saucepan (7 – 8 minutes at medium heat). After preparation the mash always stands out with the typical orange-yellow colour of sweet potatoes. A particularly long holding time as well as the gluten-free recipe without additives requiring declaration ensure easy handling in all catering sectors.

Mashed potatoes for all occasions

Even though sweet potatoes are an integral part of a modern vegetable kitchen, it is still perceived as a special feature by the guest and can therefore be staged on the plate in many different ways. As an alternative to classic mashed potatoes Schne-frost's Sweet Potato Mash upgrades any classic as side dish. It tastes particularly delicious with fried gourmet fish like cod and goes excellently with Mediterranean vegetables and mushrooms.

In the vegetarian kitchen, the Sweet Potato Mash also delights in the middle of the plate. In combination with e.g. gratinated cream cheese patties and fine aromatics such as red onions and lavender, it gives even demanding guests a gourmet experience on a high level. If it has to go fast, Schne-frost's Sweet Potato Mash plays in ingenious role in to-go concepts. For a hot Sweet Potato Snack use our delicious Sweet Potato Mash as base, combine with various toppings and serve as to-go. That makes a contemporary snack with innovative sweet potato appearance and potential for a fast and trendy lunch meal.

Schne-frost Sweet Potato Mash packed in 2 x 2,5 kg bags for preparation in steamer oven, saucepan or microwave.