News from Schne-frost

Hash Brown Fries are a new snack highlight

The frozen-fresh Hash Brown Fries celebrate their premiere at the Internorga and enrich the booming market of Rösti snacks with a profitable speciality. With the Hash Brown Fries Schne-frost presents crispy Rösti sticks in a rustic, original handmade style. Served with a variety of dips, they are the perfect finger food for in-between or to go, but they also inspire as a tasty side dish - for example on the burger menu. An innovative product that gives users competitive advantages and new sales prospects.

The new way to snack

With the new Hash Brown Fries in a French fries look, Schne-frost now offers the GV a modern, trendy snack alternative - gluten and lactose-free. As usual in best quality, made from fresh potato rasps, refined with colorful pepper and a light onion note. Hearty crispy on the outside and pleasantly soft on the inside, the frieze will delight snack fans including vegans. The Hash Brown Fries can be easily prepared in the deep fryer, oven or combi-steamer and retain their optimal consistency even when left standing for a long time.

Available in 4 x 1.500 g bags.