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The Potato Risotto as an innovative alternative

The Potato Risotto from Schne-frost combines creamy potato enjoyment with the familiar and popular look of the traditional rice dish from Italy. With this very special new potato dish, Schne-frost once again demonstrates its expertise and the extent of its innovation with frozen fresh potato specialities that inspire due to their quality, guarantee of success and best flavour.

A creamy risotto is a true classic of gastronomy and is loved by diners far beyond the world of Italian cuisine. However, rice doesn't always have to be the basis for a unique risotto treat. The new Potato Risotto from Schne-frost is based on the tuber, which is very popular in Germany, and provides a breath of fresh air for individual gastronomy and group catering. The delicious Potato Risotto combines small pieces of potato with a creamy sauce of sour cream, hard cheese and fine spices to create a new risotto experience. The small 5 x 5 mm potato cubes have a noticeable consistency and therefore guarantee an authentic flavour experience.

The Potato Risotto from Schne-frost can also be prepared as an independent main course, along the same lines as the classic rice dish. The Potato Risotto is especially able to show its full variety as the main dish, and enhances the range of vegetarian foods on offer. Together with roasted sweet potato cubes, green asparagus and nutty pine nuts for example, a modern vegetarian dish is created which both surprises and delights diners. Shrimps, salmon, mushrooms, asparagus or peas, however, go just as well with the new Potato Risotto as they do with the Italian classic. The new potato speciality can also be served as a high-quality side dish (to accompany a juicy flank steak, for instance).

The Potato Risotto from Schne-frost can be prepared in a combi-steamer or saucepan. The contents of the bag can be shared out flexibly, so that a single portion can be prepared in a matter of minutes.