News from Schne-frost

Swabian specialty made with potatoes

The high amount of potatoes with 35 % turns Schne-forst's new item Potato Knöpfle into a special treat. They are very popular as classic side dish, and when you add cheese and melted onions it is turned into a Swabian national dish. The small Potato Knöpfle feature hearty bite and home-made appearance. Preparation is done fast and easy in steamer over, frying pan or saucepan.

The new item Potato Knöpfle is available immediately and is packed in 2,5 kg bags.

Spruced up classic products

The novelty in Schne-frost's gourmet range, is a classic favourite: Schne-frost's Mashed Potatoes. The premium frozen product convinces with finest taste, easy handling and flexible application possibilities.

Schne-frost's new mashed potatoes make guests and chefs happy. Unique potato chunks, fine butter flavour and a subtle nutmeg aroma, our mashed potatoes taste like home-made. Real added value for the kitchen team, and it is easy and quick in handling. The chef can even individually control the value of the product by adding water, milk or cream. Preparation is suitable in steamer oven or saucepan or even individual portions in microwave, which gives you high flexibility in busy lunch times.

Schne-frost's mashed potatoes can be served as delicious side dish and are also suitable in modern ways. Even in the dynamic take-away business our new mashed potatoes impress and turn into a delicious potato treat with a savoury topping. Enjoy at your work place or just to go.


Innovative finger food

During this year's Internorga fair, visitors were especially delighted by two innovative finger food products: Schne-frost's Potato Churros & Sweet Potato Churros.

Schne-frost's new Potato Churros & Sweet Potato Churros have the same appearance as the traditional Spanish dessert that is meanwhile also well known in Germany and served on many fairs. However, Schne-frost's versions are much more versatile. They can be served for catering events in a savoury or sweet variety and in many other versions. Made with classic potatoes and with trendy sweet potatoes, Churros always make for a yummy treat for your patronage. They convince as finger food with a creamy dip, as vegetarian dish with a small salad, as trendy burger side, classic side dish in a plate menu or even sprinkled with cinnamon sugar as sweet dessert.

Our lactose free Potato Churros & Sweet Potato Churros can be prepared – without adding any fat – in steamer oven or conventional oven. Both varieties are packed in 1000 g bags.

Natural and original

As the newest product in the chips segment, Schne-frost is launching the crispy Rustico Frites with skin. Customers will enjoy their irregular shapes and the great original potato taste. Their natural appearance and different shapes turn the potato sticks into a homemade meal. Aside from in the deep fryer, the potatoes can also be made in no time flat using a combi-steamer or an oven without adding any fat. The potatoes provide the perfect complement when served to traditional steak or hamburger meals. They are also a wonderful treat that can be enjoyed as a snack served with mayonnaise or ketchup.

Small, but ooh so delicious!

The new Mini Roesti Cheese Cubes will soon join the Schne-Frost finger food range of products. Made of freshly grated premium quality potatoes, hearty cheese and delicious spices, the small cubes are an irresistible snack. Whether as a crispy topping for your salad or a hearty Tapas snack: the new finger food is suitable for any occasion. The processing of the small cubes is as easy as it is variable. Whether they are prepared in the combi-steamer, in the oven or in the deep fryer – the Mini Roesti Cheese Cubes are ready to serve in no time.

The ultimate finger food:

These delicious and great tasting "Hash Brown Fries" are made from fresh grated quality potatoes. These golden brown "Roesti Sticks" can be dipped in any kind of condiment and eaten like chips - or just served as a fancy side dish.

These marvelous crispy Hash Brown Fries are always loved by everyone and fit at any occasion just right.

The convenient preparation of the Hash Brown Fries is very simple: Cook either in a steamer oven, conventional oven or in deep-fat-fryer – So the delicious Hash Brown Fries are ready to enjoy in just minutes – and they even stay perfect crunchy and crispy - once they cooled down! .

A bigger and better classic:
Oven Pommes Duchesse XL

The "Oven Pommes Duchesse XL" are a huge hit: Schne-frost has brought out a 70g version of the small and popular classic onto the market. Crispy on the outside and deliciously rich on the inside, these large gourmet potatoes know how to score major points: fresh mashed potatoes and finely balanced spices make these large Pommes Duchesse a "must-have" on anyone's plate. Whether as a side dish with meat or fish, the XL potatoes are a clear winner in many combinations. Cook in the combi-steamer or oven. The new Oven Pommes Duchesse XL are now available in a 2.5 kg bags.

Fine side dishes with finesse

The potato side dishes from Schne-frost make every celebration an experience. Be it crispy rösti-stars, soft Pommes Dauphines, fine croquette sticks, creamy Gourmet Gratin or our new oven-baked Duchess Potatoes XL: we have a suitable side dish for every occasion. And we have also compiled a few recipes for you....